Saturday, October 24, 2009


Everyone has been working hard.  As of today, the entire upstairs has been primed, and the ceiling has been painted.   We chose a light blue for the ceiling (including the slanted parts) and a medium blue for the walls (most of which are short). It's hard to see the ceiling color right now, so I'll take some pictures once the wall has been painted.  It looks pretty light and bright up there right now, but when I saw it there were some very bright workshop lights in use, so I imagine the blue tint to the ceiling will likely show better under normal lighting conditions.

Once all the painting has been finished we will have someone come in (currently scheduled for Monday) to put up all the trim.  That will include base boards, window trim, doors, and something to cover the entry holes into the eaves.  Then the carpet will be installed on Wednesday, and the electrician is scheduled to come back on Thursday to put in all the fixtures.

One of these days, we'll actually move back in!!!  I hope I get to see the finished product before all the furniture has to be brought back up, but the latest news from my doctor is that the question is not so much whether or not they will induce, rather, when.  I reach 37 weeks on Monday, and I have an appointment then plus an ultrasound scheduled for Thursday.  We'll see what happens!

In the meantime I've been knitting more.  I'm way behind on pictures, but I'll get there. In addition to finishing a scarf and knitting a hat for a swap, I've been frantically making toy balls for my nieces, for Christmas.  I have eight new balls ready to go now, and I'm still working on more.  I am anxious to start some for the boys but need more yarn in more colors and, as you know, can't exactly make that trip out on my own right now, so... I wait.

I was all excited last night when I found a great resource for color jogging avoidance.  I liked the technique better than some others I had tried before, so I will be sure to share that link along with a project photo, as soon as I can put it all together!

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