Sunday, December 03, 2006

One More Tonight

Before I go to bed I just had to post this. After all, anyone who knows me knows I am a Gilmore Girls addict. Hey, I even bought myself the fifth season when it went on sale at Target last weekend ($16!!!!!) and gave it to Brian to wrap up for me for Christmas. It's ok. He knew about it before hand and couldn't pass up a deal like that himself. (Come to think of it there was a follow-up, "But now I have to get you something else." Not that he really does. It's just that he was expecting to spend between $40 & $50 on the thing. It was a real steal, I tell you.) Of course, not that Brian ever enjoys watching it with me. *Cough.* *Cough.* Yeeeeaaaaahh. It's ok. I love 'em both.

So anyways. Back to my point:

I'm not usually into anything with skulls and such, but this one I just love. Don't you? :)

...In case you're confused or missed this week's episode, Lorelai wore a similar shirt on the show. See pictures here. I tried not to post about the combo-favorite show/knitting thing, but when I saw this I couldn't resist. It's all explained in the photos.

Now really, until tomorrow (err... later today... ). Goodnight!

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Carmi said...

It's funny you should mention GG: I noticed her shirt as well and thought it was a little out of character. Good on you for taking it even further. Any GG fan would get it immediately.

And if not, it's still a cool shirt.