Saturday, December 16, 2006

No Time for Saturday Sky, Part II

This has turned out to be a productive crafting day, though I still need to go back and touch up some mistakes. These are nothing in comparision to the inspiration found here and here, but I really enjoyed making them.

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Jessica said...

You made these?!... They are absolutely beautiful- the top one so pretty, the bottom ones so cute-you really are one of many talents!
You wanna stop by and decorate my tree for me?.....

Mind you, I have really surprised my self recently. I've always been the non-creative one amongst my sister and my cousins, and was always envious of how beautifully they could all sing and paint and play so many musical instruments...until I suddenly discovered that I could design and make jewellery. I have been so surprised, and even more surprised at how much I love doing it. I've really learnt, always have your eyes open to new things.

Enjoy your beautiful decorations!