Friday, December 08, 2006

Not So Much

This was going to be a sock. There is a small possibility that it still will become a sock. However, all signs currently lead to no.

In addition to this sock and another to match, there were going to be stockings. Little hand-sewn stockings in beautiful fabrics selected and arranged oh-so-carefully by moi. These stockings were going to be filled with something on which I hadn't yet decided, and were to be handed out on Sunday when my sister and family will be here.

Today there was going to be blogging, calling, writing, sending, wrapping, shopping, cleaning, and lots of making. Apparently my list was a wee bit too long.

I shopped! And I'm blogging! Yay! I'm sorry I can't offer much more just yet. Hopefully soon. In the meantime I need to rest my feet. I made the mistake of wearing boots with heels, and the balls of my feet are in significant pain.

...Until next time!

(For now I await pizza and boneless hot wings... Then it's off to see Santa!)

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