Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Few Thoughts on Knitting, Crafting, & Christmas

I have finally discarded the idea that my knitting habit is only temporary. In addition, I have decided not to photograph every little thing I make, particularly since I'm currently swimming in sweater ornaments. I so enjoy almost any type of crafting and always have, but I somehow lost that interest for quite a few years after high school. Now that it's back I'm going crazy with ideas. I love the feel of the soft yarn on the needles and selecting colors and patterns of fabric for quilting or other projects. I look forward to trips to the craft store to seek out buttons, ribbon, and any other little things that might catch my eye.

Since all of this started coming back to me I have taken a liking to flickr for inspirational reasons. Every week or so I look through other crafters' photos for more ideas (not that I need any more). See my favorites here. Today I stumbled upon the purl bee's photostream and this lovely little post. Recognize a couple of the photos? ;) Blogging and flickr have become quite valuable to me for the very purpose of connecting with others who share the same interests and, again, for inspiration. Now if only I had enough time to turn all my dreams into reality! *Sigh*

On a different note, I wanted to share a few of my favorite ornaments. My mom won a Hallmark tree when I was six, and it came with an entire collection of ornaments. I was very blessed to receive them when it came time to have my very own Christmas tree. These are just a few of those that I look forward to displaying each year:

I love the holidays.

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Carmi said...

As do I. The warmth practically oozes out of this entry - which is a good thing, because our furnace isn't working and the replacement part won't get here until Monday afternoon.

We're looking for warmth anywhere we can find it, so thank you for building such a rich bank of it here.