Sunday, July 09, 2006

Babies & Yarn

Today Stephanie and I went to Denise's baby shower in Massachusetts. I love baby showers. What's not to like about baby clothes, shoes, and accessories?
We stopped on the way back in Lenox, MA, at Colorful Stitches. The yarn selection was heavenly ...and expensive. -See Forbidden on this page. Amazing! Of course $49.35 per skein was, well, completely out of my price range. If that interests you, see Qiviut on this page, at the bottom. $50 almost seems like a deal after seeing that. Of course, feeling those yarns was just sinful.
I was good and kept my entire purchase to $5.25. Evidence:

I think I did well...
Lenox was very picturesque. I hope to go back some time and sample a few more shops. (It doesn't hurt to have the Lee outlets nearby.) I'm hoping there will be some good walking/shopping close to our motel in New Hampshire this weekend too, when I'll have my camera with me. I love small towns with lots of little specialty shops. :)

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