Saturday, July 08, 2006

About Photographing the Sky

So... Brian gave me a hard time about taking pictures of the sky today. Part of me saw his point. A bigger part of me, however, didn't care. I mean, there's no arguing that it's silly, but that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with it. Besides, he's sitting on the couch playing a video game right now and laughing like a mad man because he's beating the xbox. I mean, really.

That said, I wanted to take a picture of the sunset today (not super spectacular, but pretty), but I didn't have the camera with me. Then tonight I tried taking pics of the moon (also pretty) and quickly discovered that I don't know how to take photos in the dark. I tried several different settings on my camera - and several techniques. My assumption was that the problem lay both with the camera and the photographer.

This is about the best I could do:

Hopefully I can make up for this week's photos next Saturday on my vacation in the mountains! I can't wait!

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