Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Yes, More Lamps ...and Birthdays!

After a well-organized birthday party for my nephew over the weekend (photos here) I am trying to gather as many ideas as I can for Tommy's party in two weeks. I have one train cake mould, but I want to make sure I plan well for snacks and decorations, so I'm begging for cool ideas, all in keeping with the overall train theme. If you think of anything, please comment!

In follow-up to my previous post, here's a picture of the new lamps. (Okay, so it still doesn't look that much like a bedroom... I mean, I still had to try to take the picture without including all of our random, mis-matched furniture, but at least it's a start!)
Now all we need is some sort of wall hanging to fill the empty space. I think a nice matted and framed black and white photo would be nice. -All the grey might get old, but I love the comfortor (so soft), and it works. We also have some fancy decorative shams to match our bedroom set, but Brian doesn't like them because he's too practical-minded to care for extra pillows designed for decoration only... particularly since we would have to move them every night before bed. Oh well.
Wow. I just posted about lamps twice in a row. I feel old. And I think I have problems.
...Thoughts? (Yes, it's ok to comment on the fact that I have problems. I already admitted it, afterall!)


Stephanie said...

Everybody has problems, silly!

Maybe a mirror over the bed? That would break up the wall at least.

Train themed food... now that is tough...

Love the lamps though. And nobody lives in a magazine with perfectly matched furniture! Wait until you see our house, ha!

SJ said...

They do (have problems)? Oh yeah, they do.

I like the mirror idea...

...Yes, the train idea for food might be pushing it... but there must be something. I will think of it!

Glad you like the lamps. Clearly, so do I. And hey, there's no real problem with mismatched furniture (as incredibly as important as it is NOT to value worldly things) but a girl can dream!