Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Three Lamps and a Trampoline

Are you curious?

It's Tuesday, and my show isn't on. The WB should warn me before they change things like that! I do like American Idol, so I have been watching parts of that. Of course watching insanely talented people (I still critique with force) who also happen to be perfectly beautiful and in great shape makes me a little sour, so I don't exactly mind missing it either.

Anywho, I am excited over the strangest of things and must share. Over the weekend we awoke to the sound of breaking glass. (Bear with me. That's not the exciting part.) Thomas had come in early and climbed into our big bed, and then when he decided to get up again he must have stepped on the edge of the lamp because it crashed. Thankfully Thomas was fine. There was lots of glass on our floor that had to be cleaned up, but that was okay, mostly because I got to stay in bed with Tommy while Brian took care of it. (Love you!) Then of course we had no bedroom light, and that was a clear problem. The lamp was not fixable, so last night we replaced it with two very nice black swing arm lamps with grey shades (to match our comforter), and I am pleased... The price was higher than ideal... until I saw them in our room. It is actually starting to resemble a bedroom. What a funny thing a couple of lamps can do!

We tried to replace them Sunday night, but Lowes was closed by the time we made it there. We were coming from a birthday party at a kid's gym. -Thomas had so much fun. It was cute to hear him go on and on in the car about all the things he did. One big hit of the party was a trampoline on which kids were strapped to a belt and a man pulled the ropes so they could swing from way up high. Even I wanted to try. Really! Of course, there were 20 4-year olds there, and that was tiring enough just to watch. Only a handful of kids ended up getting hurt or upset, however (and that was not in the gym, but rather after pizza when they all decided to run around the party table). I actually think that's a pretty good ratio, all things considered. (Don't worry, all kids were fine.)

On a separate note, we officially have videos online at google video! I'm waiting to share until I upload a few more. The clips I have are short and not terrible exciting. Thomas likes them though, and he giggles hysterically when he watches them, so at least there's that!

Wasn't I going to post about Olympics and quilts and some other random stuff? Oh well. I must not have had very much to say after all.

...I think it's time to go to bed. We have moved on to some documentary that continuously mentions protons and neutrons. Correction. Brian has. OK, I feel better. He switched back to the Olympics. Still, I call early bed time tonight. Goodnight!

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