Thursday, March 08, 2007


Somebody's birthday is coming up. There was a time when I could hardly imagine what it would be like when he would turn five. It's hard to believe that day is right around the corner and that he now enjoys games like tic tac toe and Uno.

In the car this afternoon we listened to an old Wiggles CD, and they sang, "Roll out the barrel (of fun)." At home Tommy pulled out his pirate ship and took out all the barrels he could find. He then handed one each to Brian and I and told us to roll them to let out all the fun. After we had rolled them sufficiently he informed us that the barrels were all empty and that there was no more fun. I suggested that they might be magic barrels so that they would never have to run out of fun. (Why not play along?)

Honestly, I am not quite sure I know what to buy him this year; so many of his favorite activities don't involve much. In fact, some of the barrels are really just old wine corks, and one thing he plays with almost every day is a paper pulled from a pile full of self-designed rolled up pirate treasure maps (or some times just maps). We might just be stocking up on markers and seeking out a new game or two. I guess we'll have to get creative (fast)!

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