Monday, March 26, 2007

I've Got the Urge

To go antique and used furniture shopping. I might make it to a store or two tomorrow but will be rushed. Unfortunately I don't know where to shop for used furniture out here. It seems there were several places in the area where I grew up. I'm just looking for a nice little end table to compliment our new sofa and chair. I still haven't replaced those curtains either... or the lamp. We put things on hold for our house hunt, but my urges are back. There are so many things I want to do. I don't need to spend a lot of money. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't go into some sort of design career - or at least attempt to. I create images of exactly what I'm looking for, and then I can't ever find anything to match those perfect pictures in my head (especially for the price I'm willing to pay). At times I wish I had a studio and knew just how to fashion that perfect table out of wood and paint or stain it - and to make curtains out of expensive fabrics that I'm currently afraid to touch for fear of tearing them apart.

I'm the same way when I go clothes shopping - more so, in fact. If only I knew how to make clothes or where to buy the best fabric maybe I could design my ideal wardrobe. Of course then I would want to search out every detail -bead by bead for a hand-made bracelet, flats versus heels in the right color combo -even a little bag to match. I'm a terrible shopper because it takes me hours to find something acceptably close to what I had in mind - or to stumble upon something different and surprising, that I really like. I'm always looking for something that is so elegant and beautiful that it is striking. Or cute and fun. Or sweet and loving. Or classic and simple. Or even chic. It just has to fit together like magic and make me say "wow, I like that a lot," especially if it's something so simple that, were it not part of the entire ensemble, it would probably go unnoticed.

I guess I did become pretty girlie in time. I still don't like spending money though. I'd rather create things from scratch. Food. Clothes. Furniture. Dishes. Toys. Quilts. Flower gardens. You name it. I want to make it. I think if I were home by myself during the day, I would create new things all the time, not that I don't create stuff now. I just can't keep up with my own inspirations.

But now I'm just babbling endlessly. Is it odd that I find thinking of these things comforting? That I like browsing through flickr photos for sunny interiors and reflective corners? Well I do.

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Stephanie, housewife extraordinaire said...

I can't keep up with my inspirations either. That's how so many of them are half finished and scattered all around my house!