Thursday, March 01, 2007

Gathering Moments

I've been going through the past few months, absorbing all the warmth and comfort around me, trying not to miss one moment. This week, however, has been mentally and emotionally draining, and since the beginning of my blog I have made a point to limit my more serious and depressing posts, so I have written very little over the past few days. Here I try, not only to spread a morsel of hope or peace or beauty -or simple sweetness, but also to provide for myself a tiny little corner of refuge, where I can go back every once in a while and follow my links to peruse all the beautiful little things I have found on flickr and in other blogs. It's good to have a place like this. I highly recommend if you ever consider starting a journal as a path toward emotional well-being that you make time for at least one place where you can and must focus on those glimpses of light that grace each of your days-especially those that you might otherwise forget.

So in the spirit of peace and silence, and beauty, I won't begin now to explain how I have felt these past few days. Instead I will offer a single photo for thought. It's one that I took last week, on the same day that I took my most recently posted photo. (Sometimes I think in order to fully appreciate the depth of the photographer's (a term used very loosely in this case) vision, it's best to enjoy just one photo at a time.)

I like to look beyond the snow-covered branches. To me, the soft white shadows almost seem to swallow the trees with snow, yet they somehow seem so comforting-even inviting. I feel as though I want to wrap myself up in the white, and even though it is so cold I will be warm. ...The perfect place for quiet solitude, though it can't quite decide whether it wants to protect its untarnished surface, or whether it would be better loved by a silent path of footprints...

Or maybe it's just a photo I took from my porch before rushing off to work, trying to squeeze in a peek at the season before it's gone and my eyes start to shift toward dew drops and daffodils. Either way.

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Jamie said...

What a beautiful photo and beautiful idea - to make a special place for the small things in life that we so often rush past and miss. I love that you are trying to create that kind of space through your blog. Thank you!