Friday, May 05, 2006

Look who has a new bike!

He was out-growing the big wheel.

Plus I think bike riding might even beat out trains for Tommy. NO JOKE.

Unfortunately the box was missing a nut, so the training wheels are still sitting on the washing machine, and we don't have an air pump, so the tires are flat. The boys plan to take care of both tomorrow. Then, hopefully, I can share some pictures of Tommy actually riding.


Tommy had a dentist appointment today, and while there were no x-rays taken, the report was no cavities. Yay! ...He does brush his teeth approximately every other day at daycare (don't ask why not every day-I'm just happy he does it at all, at daycare) and doesn't miss a night at home. (Once or twice, when he almost did, he woke up crying because he had forgotten. It was a SERIOUS issue.)

I had my appointment yesterday. I was told, as suspected, that I need to have my wisdom teeth out. Apparently my bottom wisdom teeth are completely perpendicular to each back tooth, and they're stuck. That's not a good thing. No, no.

Of course, if you're reading this you have probably already had your wisdom teeth out and know the routine.

Oh well.

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