Saturday, May 27, 2006


I am finally done with my test! Woohoo!

I had hoped to go out and purchase some knitting needs to celebrate, but I was way too exhausted for that. I did, however, make a trip down to Matt and Denise's with Brian and Tommy yesterday. (I just started abbreviating my typing like I do in my electronic log notes at work. That must be a true sign that I am over-worked, no?) We had pizza and drinks while we watched the Red Sox game -until I fell asleep anyway. We happened to discuss Manny Ramirez and how "Manny is just Manny." We had a rather lengthy discussion about him. Then today while I was at work... again... Brian sent me this. I was and am amuzed. I want to see it!
That said, I am only up briefly after an extended nap and need to go to bed for the night.
Before I go, a blue flowers progress pic:

...and the Epicurious Recipe of the Day. Mmm.

With that I'm off, but I will probably be back tomorrow.

Oh, and because someone will ask, yes. I passed the test.

What about today's title? I think it accurately reflects how I feel tonight. Besides, I am waaayy too tired to make up something sensible...

Goodnight! ;-)

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