Saturday, December 03, 2005

Very Cool

Tommy seemed older tonight. He looked so cool in his corduroys and navy blue turtleneck, and he had that sort of cool attitude that he so often does; he wasn't too cool to be silly, yet he was still so cool that it was, at times, hard to rember he was/is only three!

I had to work all day, but Matt and Denise finally closed on their house Thursday (yay!), and Brian and Thomas took a trip to the new digs today to help out. Apparently Thomas had a great time (not surprising) and learned some new things. I imagine he must have spent most of the time running around and keeping the spirit light. -While he may not be able to lift furniture or unpack china, he always does a very good job of protecting smiles. From Brian's account Thomas intently watched Matt's step-dad work on the plumbing, right down to the soldering. I bet he enjoyed that. He also pretended the hall closet was a store, and from what I hear, whenever there was a loud noise he ran to the closet and shut the door. (If you don't know Thomas well, understand that running to the closet and closing the door is a happy game that lasts all of two seconds before he runs out again, only to rush back to someone, tell them that something is loud, and run back in. -He isn't easily scared.)

I love my Tommy.

Here are some holiday pics. (Click here to see them larger.)

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