Friday, December 02, 2005

This, That, and Not Much Else

Today was a VERY long day, and I have to work tomorrow, so today's post will be quick. Mostly I just wanted to say, "Woohoo! Tommy's Christmas pictures are available online!" There. I feel better. If you have seen them, you may have noticed that he bit his lip in almost every picture. I really need to get him a haircut too. I know, I know; it's Tommy. He is, of course, cute no matter what. (Still though...haircut before Christmas! -I tried cutting it myself last time, and I was very disappointed in myself. It was the worst one yet. No more for me!)
Oh, and just in case you're paying attention, I know I'm behind on the poetry blog. ...I'll get there... Here. Have a polar bear. Does that help?

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