Thursday, December 08, 2005

Big Booboo

Thomas got a big booboo tonight. I was talking to Nana on the phone, and I turned my back to put Thomas' dish in the sink when I heard him cry. I looked over to find him upside down, completely verticle. He had tried to climb onto the computer chair to play his game and must have slipped. I put the phone down and picked him up right away. He had a deep slice right next to his eye, maybe a centimeter long. I almost brought him to the ER for stitches and will continue to wonder if I should have. It was hard to tell because he wasn't bleeding a whole lot, but the cut was deep, and if it opened any it could get worse. It bruised immediately, and I put ice on it for a couple of minutes, but that was torture. All he wanted was a bandaid, which I eventually applied. Now I just hope it doesn't scar. As I said to Nana when I called her back, Thomas' last doctor told us he "expected" us to be in soon with some sort of emergency because that is what happens at his age. I've been dreading that time ever since! ...Thomas told me he scraped his head on the desk. I didn't ask him exactly where because he became so sad when (after he had calmed down) I asked him whether he had hit his head on the desk or the chair. -While I'm glad we avoided a trip to the ER I really hope I made the right decision! I think this one might leave a scar.

Brian gave me a hard time for posting this picture on the Internet since Thomas looked so sad (I originally posted it on our family site), but I told him that it's sad but real, and it's how tonight went! I figured he was probably right that no one wants to go to our family site to see sad pictures of Thomas, so I took it off the family site, but I will post it here since I did tell the story and all. It actually doesn't look that bad in the picture. (Needless to say I didn't take a picture of the actual cut. I took the picture an hour or so later, when Tommy was no longer actually upset. He was watching his movie, and he was tired and worn out, but he didn't mind the picture. Some day he'll look at it and remember... )

Here's hoping your night was better than ours!

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