Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Just a quick post today because I'm cold. BBBbbbbrrrrrrrrrrr. On the bright side I should be warm tonight because our new bedding came today. And my Swiss Colony order. And my Gevalia shipment. It was almost like an early Christmas... except that I paid for everything I received. In any case, it was nice. -I already sampled the petits fours. (I know the idea is for gifts, but really Swiss Colony is the only place I know I can buy inexpensive petits fours, plus they give free truffles... I have such a sweet tooth.)

Brian also helped me put the sheets on the bed. I tried to put the bed skirt on myself and knocked over a lamp in the process. I didn't break the lamp, but I did break the bulb. Welcome to life in the company of me. It wouldn't be right if I didn't do something clumsy!

I'm looking forward to trying the coffee. I tried two different flavors this time; Le Precope and Cafe Sperl (insert cool accent). The last two times I went boring with Traditional Roast, Breakfast Blend, Signature Blend, and Columbian. I didn't find any of them particularly exciting. The two new coffees are from the European Coffeehouse Collection. Our favorite coffee is Irish Creme, but Gevalia only sells Irish Creme grounds, and we like to use our fancy coffeemaker to grind the beans. We could just buy the flavoring, but for whatever reason, we probably won't.

Thomas' eye looks better today. It looked worse the day after and continued to look pretty bad for a couple of days, but now the bruise appears to be lightening up a bit. He doesn't seem to mind it either. He wore a band-aid for the first couple of days, and then when I took it off he had an extra irritated red mark from that too. Poor guy! On the bright side the cut seems to be healing quickly, and I think there is a good chance that it might not scar.

I completed my Christmas shopping for Thomas and Brian last night, except for stockings. I haven't shopped for anyone else though, and that is unfortunate, particularly since the family party is this weekend. Granted, the types of gifts I hope to buy will be better if I buy them last minute. This season has been so much more stressful than others. I know I had to work around last Christmas too, but this year I'm working on Christmas Eve, even though it's a Saturday, and work is crazy, so I have to try to work overtime in addition. Of course Brian's team is as busy as mine, so he also has to work overtime, and it seems like we never see each other. I'm trying to keep a happy spirit though.

On that note, I am sitting at the computer (I just wrote sitting "on" the computer... that wasn't right... ) not spending time with Brian, so it's time for goodnight. Check our site for a new picture of Thomas in front of our tree, being silly.

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Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness! I have a gift for you too. I'm up house hunting for a little while so I'll give you a call to see when I can drop it off.