Monday, September 02, 2013

Reunions are good.

When we bought our house in New York we researched just about everything, but one thing we had no way of knowing was just how friendly our neighbors might be.  When we discovered that there were kids living all the way up and down the street, we were pleased.  Going outside in the evenings became somewhat routine, but often times we weren't in our own backyard; rather we were on the street with the other families. Kids would ride their scooters and bikes.... or just about anything else... and parents would gather and talk, often while throwing a ball to one of the the boys, or while helping the little ones.  We quickly learned what a huge blessing this was.  We became good friends with our neighbors directly across the street.  Thomas, in fact, found his best friend in Luke, and Gabe and Logan always loved to play with Olivia.

When we moved to Vermont we were excited, but we knew we would miss our friends and neighbors in New York, and we still do.  That's why last weekend was special.  It had been a full year since we had seen our New York neighbors, but it was like we had never left; the mark of a true friends, for sure.  We met up at the site of two old forts-and a lighthouse nearby-in Crown Point, New York. Starting with a brief museum introduction and a picnic lunch by the water, we enjoyed a beautiful, relaxed afternoon, exploring the ruins at the southern tip of Lake Champlain.

Thank you, guys, for a great day.  It was so refreshing to spend time with you!

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wendi said...

Could not agree more. Miss you guys too. It was so great to see each of you. Let's not wait a year next time.