Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just for Fun

Back to crafting. It has been a while since I've made something that wasn't knit or crocheted. I'm guessing that's because I tend to become overwhelmed easily and like to be 100% available for my boys at all times. With Gabe starting kindergarten this year, however, I'm down to having just one kiddo at home, and it reminds me of when Thomas was little. It is amazing how much easier it is to accomplish tasks with one little guy at my side than with two. Logan also is usually a bit more low key than Gabe, and he still naps (half the time, anyway) so I think I'll be attempting more small projects as the year progresses. (Don't get me wrong; I miss Gabe lots, though I know he is having tons of fun at school.)

I'm not sure exactly how it started, but I probably stumbled upon someone else's lovely idea for an altered Altoid tin once upon a time and felt motivated to look further. I stalked Pinterest for a while and gathered ideas, and one day I finally remembered to buy mints. Choosing the rest of my materials was a little chaotic. I had all three boys with me at the craft store, which was quite small, and trying to sift through ideas while watching them and responding to their needs (not to mention their arguments over who could carry the basket) was no guarantee for success. Still, I found a pack of really pretty autumn scrapbook papers, several silk flower stems, and some sweet little stickers, plus three different one dollar Angry Bird coloring/activity books for the boys. With my birthday coupon in hand (and a sale on all the flowers), it ended up working out okay after all.

I originally intended to use the flowers to create a sort of shadow box.  I was going to gather small stones and sand to line the bottom of the inside and then fit in flowers and tiny pumpkins in order to create a little scene.  Once I started crafting I abandoned the idea for the time being and went back to my other plan, which was to decorate a second tin to hold some of my small knitting notions.  This is too decorative to toss in a bag, perhaps, but I'll use it home, at least during this time of year.

I hope to make many more, perhaps as Christmas gifts for my nieces and nephews; not like this one, but individualized to their likes.  I thought I might design a magnetic travel game or two, fill one with small LEGO blocks (totally stealing that idea from Pinterest), make some with small animals tucked in with a blanket or sleeping bag and pillow, and maybe even fashion some small clay figurines for a whole miniature room, complete with accessories.  The possibilities are truly endless.

Of course, I might find that my dreams are too far-fetched and impractical (I can knit and crochet pretty cleanly, but when it comes to other sorts of crafting I tend to throw things together as I go along, and the result is often a complete fail compared to the glorious pictures I've gathered in my mind.)

At least for now I'll have this!  I've used it quite a bit already. ♥

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