Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not So Little Any More

My little monkey is getting big! He's been a kindergartner for a full week already, and I'm still getting used to it. He doesn't tell me much about his days, despite my desperate digging, but I gather he is loving it so far. What a blessing! I haven't heard from his teacher yet, so it's hard to gauge exactly how he's doing, but it's clear that he's excited to walk to the bus stop like a big kid and do all the other simple things big kids do. He has been craving the diverse schedule with more variety and activity for some time. I've always had to try hard to keep up!

He's playing soccer again too. This time around the practices are still pretty basic and full of fun, silly games, but he does get to play actual games too. They are fun to watch. Not unlike T-ball this spring, all the kids are extra motivated to really get in there and score! He starts ice hockey in just over a month. Something new!

Speaking of new, Thomas has switched over from soccer to cross country this year. It's too early to tell how much he'll like it, but I'm excited for him. Can you believe he is in the sixth grade already?

Thankfully Logan is still providing me with my daily dose of silly, made-up songs, funny faces, and hugs with giggles.  I'm glad I still have one little one at home, to keep me company and teach me things.

I love my boys. ♥

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