Monday, August 15, 2011

Peppers and Things

My gardening prospects have not turned out so well. All of my potted plants (strawberries, green beans, spinach, +) in the backyard were destroyed by animals before even having a chance to really get started. I decided to wait on transplanting my tomatoes and peppers after that, but I waited too long, and the tomatoes wilted. The peppers (sweet bell, jalapeno, and cayenne), however, are doing great, as I put them in large pots on the front steps, but since I waited so long to transplant them, I would not be surprised if they were to succumb to a frost before bearing fruit. For now, though, they look great, and I am happy.

(You can sort of see them behind Gabe, who I think looks pretty darn cute, shucking corn on the front steps in this picture... )

Even though I did not have the success I had hoped for with my other vegetables, I am holding on to some hope for the peppers and remain encouraged to just plant a few things in planters each year from now on.

I did also have *ahem* rather limited success with one other plant out back; we have ONE marigold. They boys and I planted them ALL OVER the flower garden, in between the hostas and other mysterious flowers, but those that weren't dug up as seeds were quickly over-taken by weeds. Brian's mother generously weeded the garden while she was here a week ago, and she kindly saved our lonely prize.

On another happy note, I do believe one of my four mums has come back. As you may recall, last autumn I bought them for one dollar each and planted them out front. For that price I will try re-planting the other three this fall. Who knows? Maybe next year I'll have two!

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