Sunday, April 10, 2011


Good things do come to those who wait.

Things like sprouting lilies,

budding branches,

and pussy willows...
remind me so.

We started officially enjoying the weather last week. By Friday we were outside without jackets. (Yippee!) Gabe helped me remove some sticks from our back yard.

He and Logan even humored me for a brief photo shoot.

Gabe was so happy he couldn't hold back his sillies.

Yesterday we even visited some friends who broke out their grill. Grace gave Gabe a ride in her super cool motorized jeep while the burgers cooked. Gabe was so excited that I'm pretty sure he laughed and giggled for at least fifteen minutes straight.

Then today I brought Gabe outside while Logan was napping, and we raked some leaves. When Logan awoke he was thrilled to come right outside and join us. He walked around with the biggest grin on his face and then looked on as we filled a couple of lawn and garden bags before heading out front to watch Thomas try out his brand new bike. Before long, out came the flying discs

and the motorcycle, of course.

Yes, it was a great weekend, and tomorrow we are expecting a high of 79 degrees! I'm hoping to plant some of the vegetable seeds I bought today, provided potential thunderstorms hold off long enough. Tom and Gabe can't wait to help me fill our little pots so we can bring them inside and watch our seeds start to grow.

Do you get as excited with the change of (all) seasons as I do? I can't imagine living in a different climate. I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy it all the way I do. ♥


Mark Zellner said...

Well met, SJ! I was enjoying looking at your other blog's photos, but saw you hadn't updated it in a while. Glad to see you've kept this one going. Those are some great pics of spring.
Peace, -Z

SJ said...

Thank you! Yes, I never did catch up on my photo blog, but I am saving all the photos in hope that I will one day find the time. Many of my favorite pictures from last year have yet to be shared, and it's a bit of a shame, but I suppose at least I have this blog for now! :)