Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hoppy Easter

Would you believe this little bunny started from a single square swatch? I know her feet are a bit... unusual... but the design is still pretty ingenious, in my opinion. Details can be found here.

We have yet to dye eggs, and I have it on good authority that the Easter bunny is way behind this year. However, we were given a large bundle of palms on Sunday.

Thomas balanced a couple on top of the cross he had just made and hung on his wall, but there were still many left, so I started youtubing. Before I knew it, I was making crosses. Lots of them. They started out full-sized and worked their way down. This one fell somewhere in the middle, size-wise:

I found them strangely addicting and only stopped at 35. Thomas also learned how and made a few of his own, and Gabe made one with help.

Both have been really enjoying Junior Church lately. It was an instant hit with Thomas, who has learned so much since November, but up until a month or two ago, Gabe wanted nothing to do with going upstairs (and leaving our sides), so it's great to see him get so excited. He looks forward to his crafts and activities and even told one of the other ladies at church on Sunday that he likes going upstairs.

Logan still sits with us, but he's usually pretty happy if we bring some stickers along. He can occasionally get loud, however, out of excitement, pointing to things and saying what they are, like his nose, which he calls "NO!" Granted, the congregation gets a good laugh in every now and then, when he happens to chime in at just the right time.

Last night Brian had loaded up the iTunes store and was listening to samples of some popular Christian songs, and Logan heard one of the songs we sing at church. He grinned and started dancing, moving side to side like I do when I hold him during worship. He went over to Brian to listen and dance some more, and every time the music stopped he stopped, anxious for another song. Then he would go back and forth between us saying, "Dance!" and holding our hands, stepping from side to side, smiling because we were too, thinking it was just the cutest.

Have I mentioned how incredibly blessed I feel?

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