Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Little Fiber World

As I sit and knit a sweet little white bunny rabbit for spring, I am reminded that I have not posted about my creations in quite some time. There have been many. Between last month and this month alone, I have made 23 new things and started 2 more. I've finally shipped out a few things that were promised long ago too. (You know who you are!) One of you (you probably don't know who you are, though you might be reading) can expect a package soon also, but yours is not quite done yet.

If you are interested to see what I've been making, you can check out my Ravelry Projects page. As a sneak peek, I'll share with you a little photo I took this morning.

A very nice Ravelry friend inspired them. When Logan sees one he reaches out and asks for it, saying, "Ball!" Then he throws it across the room and forgets about it until someone else picks it up again. I love that use for these!

Prior to all the small projects I've been working on of late, I had also made a couple of projects for two special friends whom I hold dear to my heart. I've been wanting to share them here, though I'm not sure if I'm so fond of them for what they are or for the time I enjoyed thinking of their recipients while I made them.

The first is another Hooded Jacket from Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss. (You might recall the original, which I made well before Gabe was born.)

I love the way it knits up, and the first held up well for Gabe and Logan, so I hope this one will too.

The other is a simple little hat using a really cool yarn that I happened upon by accident one time while shopping at Jo-Ann's. This particular buy reminds me that an impulse buy, when it comes to yarn, is not always such a bad thing!

That is sweet baby Clara and her mom, Caitlin. Caitlin and I grew up as friends in a great little New Hampshire town (the best), and she is one of the sweetest people I know. I extend my gratitude to her for letting me use her photo. Aren't they a stunning pair? You can see more here.

More recently, I have been working on a collection of baby items for a local pregnancy center--and having a lot of fun doing so. I still have a lot to make, though, before I will be ready to make a trip over with my basket of goodies, so I will continue making hats, booties, and other small things, for a while. I hope the new mothers will appreciate them. I find myself thinking of these women often, even though I don't know anything, really, about them, except that they are all experiencing the indescribable miracle of pregnancy, and that many of them probably have very real concerns about how this miracle will change their lives in a more practical manner. Having been there myself, their cause hits home. I hope they are able to think positively and enjoy all that is happening within them.

I hope to share a photo of all of those things once I am ready to made my first delivery.

There are still more things being made though, so you can be sure to see glimpses into additional projects before too long. If I can squeeze out the time, I may try to share a free pattern too. (Something simple.) First, I'll try to finish this funny little bunny. :)

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Mark Zellner said...

Cute! Looks like between your photography and knitting? Crotchet? (I don't really know) you're pretty artistic. Any other creative outlets? Other than your writing, of course.