Thursday, November 05, 2009

Toys, toys, toys!

I can't get enough of them. You've already met my little striped elephante and two teeny tiny turtles. Now, meet Henri:

He's a little quirky, a little lanky, and altogether just plain small and simple, yet I still find something about him just darling. He was an incredibly quick and easy knit, and opportunities for accessorizing seem endless. I have already made a second cranberry scarf for him, and I started another small bear in a rustic brownish gray this afternoon.

All the project information, including a pattern link, can be found on Ravelry. The only modification I made to the pattern this time was to add a tail. (Woops! I completely forgot to take a picture of his back side!) I'll be sure to take more photos once I finish the next little Henri.

I also had to share one more photo of the turtles, as little Green and Yellow now have a friend in Orange:

When discussing my current and recent projects, which are all intended as Christmas gifts for my many nieces and nephews, someone asked me yesterday, "Wouldn't the balls be much easier?" I suppose they would, but a little variety is a lot more fun! I have a long list of toys I still want to make, and I realize I won't get to most of them with the baby bound to make his arrival any day now, but I truly can't help myself. I'm 100% addicted to fun little knit toys right now!

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