Monday, November 23, 2009

Knit Mitt Kick

I finally used up all my poly-fill on toys, so I had to find a new Christmas gift addiction. This is, for sure, only the beginning.

First, and my favorite, are these pretty little cabled toddler mitts. They're my variation on Angelina Cable Mitts by smariek knits. They're so soft and teeny tiny. My niece enjoys dressing up, so I'm really hoping she will enjoy them.

This next one isn't really a Christmas gift... except maybe for myself. A very thoughtful friend bought me this beautiful yarn at Rhinebeck, and I thought the colors would best be admired within a simple design, so I fashioned some wrist warming goodness in nothing but stockinette. They just need some light blocking.

(CO 30 stitches (small bones!) on size 6 dpn's and knit to desired length. Voila!)

Last but certainly not least, while I am still in awe that I actually managed to find time to whip these up today, I really wanted to complete something for Gabe. I'm pretty sure I've all but tortured him by making so many new toys and then keeping them out of his reach. He really liked the cable mitt that I had him model for photos, and he had a fit when he had to take it off, so I promised him some tiny little mitts of his own.

Here's what I came up with.

They're totally different than what I was originally going for when I collected the idea, but I still think they fit the bill.

Gabe certainly likes them.

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