Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday Randomness

I'm sitting here, drinking a delicious cup of raspberry tea and dreaming of what I'm going to do next. I figure once I've finished this post I might try to whip up a quick baby hat with some of the oh-so-soft and beautiful yarn I bought today:

I received some money and a gift certificate for my birthday this year, and I took advantage of the opportunity for some (mostly) guilt-free shopping. I really enjoyed it. I managed to get a lot for the money too: three long sleeved maternity shirts (one was free as a buy one get one free offer), a newborn sized Thanksgiving themed sleeper and a little fleece outfit for the baby plus a sleep bag (baby jammies that also act as a blanket over the baby's feet), a super soft stuffed monkey for Gabe (of course), a Mr. Potato head for Tommy and Gabe to share (couldn't help myself), plus the yarn pictured above, and I still had a little left over for some coffee and treats! I don't usually spend my money all at once like that, but since I stopped working I've been so careful with money that I guess I really appreciated the chance to shop just for fun. I'm sure I won't get to do it again for a while. Christmas is going to be extra tight this year. (I almost saved the money for that... although I suppose a couple of the baby things might be Christmas gifts).

After our little shopping trip today, Gabe and I came home and watched for Tommy's bus. Have I mentioned how excited he gets? Here he is, spotting one down the street:

He still makes that weird "ghckghck" sound at the end of lots of his words. Henceforth, he had either just said, or was about to say, "BUGHCKGHCK!" (for "BUS!") at the time that I snapped the photo. :)

He also loves trains and airplanes, which is fantastic because we hear both often at our new home. Not only are we pretty close to an Amtrak rail, but we live near a military base and airport, and these things make several repetitive circular flights over our neighborhood at certain times during the week. They fly really low, and every time Gabe hears one he finds it, points to it, and says, "Ro Ro!" which is Gabriel for "Airplane!" (Yeah, I don't get that one either.)

When we were in the car today I was identifying red and green lights for him by saying either, "Red Light! Stop!" to which he would answer, "Uh Oh! Bop!" or "Green Light! Go!" to which he would enthusiastically shout, "Go, go, go!!!"

He's just so stinkin' cute, I tell you!

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