Monday, September 14, 2009

Catching Up

I've had to start working on my blog in pieces, adding photos one day and completing posts on another, hence the long delay followed by an abundance of new pics and reads today. In the meantime though, I've managed to organize some family videos and such on a new website, the link to which is now available on my facebook page. I also started work on some items for my etsy shop (not yet stocked) in hopes of getting some items up for sale by now, but as usual, life got busy. I've been running around a lot, and between school events, doctor appointments, tae kwon do and Thomas' upcoming board breaking competition, and soccer, amongst other things, I don't know when I'll ever find time for all these great projects I have in mind. Of course, also knowing that the baby is due in just about two months and may come early if this time is anything like the last two, I am going nuts, wanting to get everything ready. We're still waiting on just one more estimate on the upstairs first, and then we have to coordinate everything, so I can't really take anything out yet unless I just want to pack it up again, only to unpack it a second time once the upstairs is completely renovated. That, at least, should be a treat once it is all finished. We are all looking forward to the final product.

For now, I wait and distract myself with all the other things I have going on. Soon I hope to post a little more about the house and the few little changes we've made so far.

Oh! I announced it on facebook but totally missed the mark here... WE'RE EXPECTING ANOTHER BOY!

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