Saturday, September 26, 2009


As some of you may already know, it has been a crazy week. Thomas was sent home from school early on Monday after needing his inhaler twice within three hours. He had to miss a whole week of tae kwon do mostly in follow up to that, which really stinks because it was board breaking week, and he has been gearing up for the board breaking portion of his upcoming competition in October, so we were planning to go to as many classes as possible. He has been on prednisone since Monday afternoon, and it's helping, but he's still not 100%. Just to complicate matters, I might still have brought him to class yesterday, but my blood pressure recently decided to play its ugly pregnancy game again, and I spent five hours being monitored in labor and delivery after my doctor's appointment on Thursday. It all resulted in a strict order for bed rest, understanding that I do have a little one at home, but with strong encouragement to get help from family and friends so that I can still spend 99% of my time lying on my side. YAY. So. No running Thomas and Gabe around any more. Even though all the side lying totally stinks, and I am already sore from not moving around, it's what I'm not able to contribute to Thomas' schedule that is really killing me. Plus I love this time of year, so the last place I want to be is couped up inside. Seriously, can I please scream? You all know I want to but won't because I'm not like that, but... AAAaaaaaa!

Long story short, it was a long week, and it's going to be a challenge to manage the bed rest until the baby comes, but I will do my best because I of course want to keep this baby healthy in my womb as long as I can. I will continue to try and remember the positive points, like the expected upcoming visits from family to help out. I will also try to use the opportunity to catch up on some of that knitting I always dream of but never get around to. And, when days like today happen, and I can't be at Thomas' first soccer game or whatever else he is involved in, I will thank Brian for indulging me by bringing the camera along and allowing me to relive as much as possible through his photographs. ...I do think soccer was, so far, a success!

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