Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Good Food, Fond Memories, and Cute Kids

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far my previous post. Please keep those guesses coming!

I wanted to share a few little things today.

First, look at what Brian made for dinner Sunday night.

I'm not sure what it was called, but it was delicious! It looked really easy too. He cooked all the ingredients in an oven bag, so the chicken came out very moist and tender. It didn't take long to cook the chicken either, which meant the veggies weren't too soft. Thomas didn't want to try it (as usual), but I noticed that once he got going he had no trouble finishing up what was on his plate this time! (He will probably never admit if he actually liked it! Silly kid.) We had some fresh bread with it and enjoyed it all very much!

Second, remember this post? Well I found more stickers that I had to show you all. These weren't necessarily my favorites, but I'm pretty sure you will know to what generation I belong, just by looking at them!

Star Wars, Smurfs, Rainbow Bright, ET, and Strawberry Shortcake!

Looking through all the stickers brought back so many fond memories, especially involving my cousin, Hannah, and my sister, Jessi. Those were fun times!

Last but certainly not least, here are a few recent pics of the boys. I took them over the weekend. Gabe was funny. He found the dinosaur shirt (too small) and absolutely had to wear it over the other two shirts he was already wearing. I think it's funny (and cute) how much he loves some things!

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