Friday, June 05, 2009

Silly Monkey

Okay, I'm not really sure why I had to post a picture of these cookies tonight. I guess I just thought they came out looking really good. They're just from a giant tub of store-bought cookie dough, *hiding in shame* but the family likes them. I think I'm a bit unusual in that I prefer them after a day or so, when they've been in an airtight container or bag, and they become incredibly soft and chewy. They're not BAD when hot, of course. That's just how I like them.

Back to the topic of this post: I was thinking today about how cute Gabe is at this age, especially when he walks and bobs his head from shoulder to shoulder (not shaking as if to say "no" but going back and forth, starting with one ear on one shoulder and then moving the other ear to the other shoulder - you have to see it) or when he says the most adorable things with such excitement. He is pretty good at communicating now. He has been nodding and shaking his head to indicate yes or no for some time now, and occasionally the nod now comes with a "yeah, yeah, yeah" and the shake comes with a "na, na, na, no, no." Of course he also walks over to things and uses his words in conjunction to let us know what he needs or wants. Here, a few translations:

"Micghck" *with HUGE and rather long emphasis on the French-like "cghck" sound* = Milk, or milk, please! He hangs on the refrigerator if his cup is empty and nods with great enthusiasm if I ask if he would like some.

"Haaiiiieeeeee!" = Hi, oh my goodness, I am SOOOooo happy to see you! This is typically accompanied by a very fast toddler run and gigantic leg hug.

"Hi, hi, hi, hi." = Hi, did you know I know how to say hi, and I know what it means? Listen, and I'll say it again for you.

"Da dye." = Bye bye. This used to go along with an open and closed fist wave. It has developed into the open palm wave within the past week or so.

"Dot gaa." = All gone. (Really.)

"Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama! Mama!" - always yelled very loudly and repeatedly, as demonstrated, and with common variations like "Mumee! Mumee!" = Help. I want this. Help me! This minute! Help! I'm one; I have no patience for such things! MAMA! -- He says this to Tommy and Brian too. We are all "Mama" when he wants something!

"Yucghckcghck" *see above for the emphasis on all the weird consonants at the end of this word* = Look what I found. It's a piece of paper. Or fuzz. Or a bug. Or a crumb. And it's on the floor. I want to throw it away. Let's throw it away. It's yucky!

"Eeeeewwwww" = Eeeeewwwww. (Okay, no translation really needed there... )

Both "yucghckcghck" and "eeeeewwwww" are often preceeded by, "Uh oh."

"Ooh, trucghkcghk!" - always with eyes wide open and a little dip from the excitement = OH, oh, oh! I hear a truck! A truck! I love trucks! Hurry to the window! I have to go see it right away!

"Cghkcghkcghkcghk" = We haven't figured this one out yet. In case you haven't noticed, it seems to be his favorite sound. He really does some times just utter the sound, but it also ends lots of exciting words like "blocghkcghck" (block), "bocghkcks" (box), and "boocghk" (book).

"Craa!" = Crash! -We like this one too. It has lots of good uses.

"Ay, ay, ay." = Ay, ay, ay. I don't really know what it means, but Mommy sure says it an awful lot. It's fun to say. Ay, ay, ay. Ay, ay, ay.

I'm sure I'm leaving out so many, but these are the ones that come to mind right now. He does have other words that sound pretty much as they are (ball, Dada, hot, hop, pee-ew, hey, huh, hmmm, and more). He really likes to react to things with sounds like "uh oh," "hmm," "hey," "oh," "oo," and "huh." Lately he's also been bopping things with a small cardboard tube and saying, "Bop, bop, bop." =)

I've tried to capture a bit of it all on video, but that always seems easier said than done.

As I know I've said before...

Silly Monkey! LOVE YOU, GABE!!!

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