Sunday, June 14, 2009

First, a reminder to submit your baby guesses if you haven't already. Here is a link to the original post. So far there have only been two votes for a boy! My ultrasound has been scheduled for Thursday, June 25, so all entries will have to be in before the end of the day on June 24. Hopefully the baby will cooperate. Ultimately, of course, I just hope everything is okay!!! Thank you to everyone who has commented so far!


Today... I thought it was Gabe's turn for a video. We went to our friends' house for a few hours this afternoon, and he had fun on their slide, as always. He normally tries to climb the slide (probably in part because I tend to encourage it over climbing the wall since I know he is a good climber and will quickly realize how easily he can climb it on his own... scary!), but today he tackled the wall. This was his first try.

Gabe loves the video of Tommy practicing his poomsae as well as the YouTube video we used to verify each move when we were practicing. He has started lunging and punching (usually with a pointed finger) and making the associated sounds. It is the cutest. =)

Here, a few photos from today.

Enjoy your week!

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