Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dinosaurs and Stickers, Oh My!

Look what Thomas brought home from school today! The clay dinosaurs (at the bottom) are especially cool. If you could look closely, you would also see a huge toothy smile on the pterodactyl. Looks like he didn't leave anything out! I LOVE it!

Gabe did some art of his own today too:

He found the big art box full of stickers that made it from my mom's back to me when she moved. I used to collect them and trade with my friends. I saved so many. There were still quite a few unopened packages, in fact, and you could tell which were my favorites because I would use one sheet but then leave another untouched for my album. (Once upon a time they were all arranged in albums, like photographs.) Now I'm less about saving and more about using and enjoying, so I let the boys use any and all the stickers they want, but I had to photograph a couple of my most memorably favorite sheets of stickers before they found themselves completely lost amongst all the alligators, dinosaurs, and trucks:

I thought they were so pretty!

I also found a little pouch that I had used to keep some of the loose ones in. It's hard to see in the photo, but I even labeled it with a name sticker in the upper right hand corner. It is shiny with hearts next to my name. I used those on everything (and for a while even signed my name with hearts... I suppose I was somewhat of a girlie girl-at least for a while).

I kept most of my scratch and sniff stickers inside, and they still smell overwhelmingly like their pictures! This one smelled so minty fresh!

I have to admit I slid that one back into the little pouch (all by itself) before sticking it back into the bottom of the box! Sshhh. Don't tell! (Maybe it will be rediscovered in another twenty or so years!)

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