Sunday, August 24, 2008


Babies are fun. Silly. Crazy. Goofy. Fussy. Stinky. Lovie. Cute. Incredibly FUN. Gabe is now speeding around on all fours like a pro. It didn't take long, and while he always has that infamous baby's eye for everything he CAN'T have he also seems happier since he's managed to find a way to move around on his own. I LOVE it.

We bought him two pairs of shoes today and stocked up on baby food (thanks to a sale at Babies'RUs)... and then we ordered him a new car seat. The convertible car seats sure are a lot more expensive than they were when Thomas was Gabe's age, but then I suppose they're probably safer now too. I don't like making big purchases like that though. I always worry that I might not have picked the right one but won't realize it until it's too late to return it. (We ordered the Evenflo Triumph Advance DLX.) Here's hoping our research paid off.

In older kid news, Thomas and his friends put on a final show and dinner to end his summer program last week. They acted out skits, sang songs, and put on a terrific slide show in the theater. There were some great photos of Thomas including the most memorable, a photo of him in the pool with a caption: "We even fought Prince John." (It's a Robin Hood reference, in case you aren't familiar.) I wish I could share it with you all.

This week he has an orientation at his new school. I ended up taking the day off, plus I worked Saturday in order to have Tuesday off for his doctor's appointment, so I should (hopefully) have a fairly light week. I'm looking forward to spending a little extra time with my boys.

Oh, and teeth! Thomas finally has a wiggly one! He must be the last one in his class to lose any - and he hasn't lost any yet. We noticed on Friday that his first big tooth had broken through... behind his baby teeth. Brian noticed it because the front baby teeth were no longer straight. Sure enough the new tooth must have finally started to push those baby teeth out of the way! I think it will still be a while before the first tooth falls out as it's still only a little wiggly, but we'll work on it.

Gabe, on the other hand, is about to cut two more teeth. We can see them, and they look like they are through, but his gums are still smooth. My guess is that they'll poke through tomorrow or Tuesday, at the latest.

I'm mildly amused that the two of them are getting teeth at the same time, not to mention that Thomas is losing some too, particularly since I recently cut a wisdom tooth too. We're all teething together. Aw, ain't that cute... or not!

But anywho. Have a happy week, and enjoy the long weekend to follow! I am not sure how much time I'll have to post this week, but I'll at least try to throw in a few pictures.

Before I go, here are just a few for today. They're strange shots, I know, but I'm like a little kid when it comes to seeing something I made actually being used (and looking somewhat cute in the meantime if I do say so, myself - at least to me!), so I was excited when Gabe could finally wear the little baby slippers I made last year, and I couldn't help myself.

Of course Gabe liked the camera, but he really just wanted to eat it, so he tried to attack me when I started taking pictures of is feet.

...FUN, I tell you! Buckets and buckets of terrific, adorable, sweet baby FUN!

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