Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Boys

Gabe is seven months old today. He has started to crawl. He has been coming very close for a while now, but at least within this past week he has found the strength to really do a traditional crawl. He takes about four steps or so and then stops to lay on his tummy, grab a toy, or roll over, so at least his crawl is in slow motion. He pushed himself to sitting from his crawl this weekend, so I'm sure he'll be racing around in no time. Oddly enough he really isn't much of a sitter though; he can sit unassisted for a little bit, but when he starts to lean he doesn't try to balance. He just falls over and rolls around some more. Brian has taken to calling him "Monkey." It fits. (Gabe is also standing up while holding on to furniture, but for those of you who have met him, that's not really so surprising.)

I think Thomas enjoys really being able to play with Gabe now. To him, the things Gabe does are hilarious, and to Gabe, Thomas is a pretty funny guy, himself.

I'm so thankful for both of them.

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Afshan said...

such cute boys! and they look so happy!