Wednesday, August 20, 2008

20 Things...

I had a pretty bad day at work today, so I thought I would try to focus on the positive tonight and, on this 20th day of August, post 20 somewhat random things I love, so here goes (in no particular order):

1-The over the moon, so-excited-he-can-barely-take-it look on Gabe's face when he sees me after a full day at day care/work (He goes crazy!)

2-The mere idea that Thomas said if he ever wins an Olympic medal he's going to give it to his mom

3-Gabe's super soft, super light blond hair

4-Watching the Olympics with Brian and appreciating the same things

5-Calling Brian at work over some obnoxious computer issue (because whoever designed the program had to have been terribly overpaid, considering the quality of the design, or maybe because the program was so out-dated I felt like I should have been walking around bow-legged with an animal skin coat wrapped around me, grunting and scratching my head as I tried to figure the *I'm not typing a word here because this is a family friendly blog* thing out) and him knowing the answer every time

6-My two daily cups of coffee - typically one at work and another at home before bed (Yes, I'm addicted to the habit of a cup of decaf whenever I feel like it... )

7-The fact that I can do that now with the Keurig (see prior post)

8-Summer (but not just summer... wildflowers, rays of sunshine reaching through the deep green treetops... swimming at the lake, stopping to let a horse pass on my way to Gabe's daycare, seeing so many people out and about - riding bikes, playing baseball, flying kites... )

9-Having this blog and using it as therapy (since I always try to limit the negative and share all the good stuff)

10-Waking up to see Gabe look up at me with a great big grin

11-Witnessing the incredible love Thomas has for Gabe

12-Saying grace with Thomas and Brian at dinner time (It sounds so simple, but it's true.)

13-Brian's sense of humor

14-Friends... Afshan, this one's for you! I am SOOooooo happy for you I could just burst. And I miss ya. When I have a down and out day I know if it were college and we were on our way to dinner at McKinley's I could talk to you, and you would understand like a sister.

15-Speaking of sisters... and brothers and moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles and cousins and nieces and nephews...

16-Watching Gabe play in the bathtub since realizing how much fun splashing could be (Tonight he splashed half of his bathwater right out of the tub. He was having so much fun!)

17-Anticipating autumn

18-Baby faces covered in sweet potatoes

19-Flowers from Thomas

20-Singing in the morning

And one more for good measure; it's something (my sister) Jessi used to say to me every night before bed, and now I say it to Thomas every night after he leans over his loft to give Gabe and I each a quick kiss goodnight: "Goodnight. Sweet dreams. I love you."


Afshan said...

its so sweet and funny that you wrote that, about college - my sister calls me from campus and talks about sitting at McKinley's for hours.

I know you wanted to be there on the 17th but I thought of you alot. And you can hopefully still come down for the reception! :)

Carmi said...

When the world gets too chaotic for me to handle, I find myself focusing even more intently on the little things at home that matter so much more - the way they greet me at the door, the conversations we have at tuck-in, the bleary-eyes hugs we share when they first wake up.

I've always enjoyed your vibe for reasons like this. Simply put, you get it.