Sunday, July 06, 2008

Belated Happy 4th!

I meant to post on Friday but was busy with the family. Brian had to work during the day, but I took Thomas and Gabe out to do some shopping, and we came home and made a cheesecake complete with some festive blueberries and red sprinkles (I didn't have any strawberries) after enjoying a relaxing lunch outside.

For a variety of reasons we decided it would be best to skip the fireworks, so we stayed home and barbecued chicken, and we had corn on the cob to go with it. What a great day it was. The air was warm but not hot. There was a gentle breeze. It wasn't buggy or muggy or dark. It was beautiful.

We had planned to light sparklers for Thomas at dusk, but after checking multiple stores and then finally asking someone, we discovered they were illegal in New York! We had no idea. Thomas was really bummed. We told him we would try to light some at Nana's the next time we go to New Hampshire. I felt bad because he was so excited to try them out this year. Poor guy. He was a pretty good sport though.

Next year maybe we'll have to make it to the fireworks if Gabe is up to it.

I hope you enjoyed a fun-filled weekend. Happy 4th!

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AJR said...

Happy 4th! I've been behind of checking blogs, but I love all your great new pictures...and you're right...Gabe looks huge in that picture!