Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Handknits In Action

I may not have time to knit right now, but I sure am appreciating the stuff I made last year!

When I made the little green hooded jacket I was pregnant but didn't know it yet. While I started the teddy bear sooner I (more or less) finished him around the same time. I must say it worked out quite well! So far everything fits great. I haven't tried the brown hat or the baby mules yet but intended them to be a bit bigger anyway. (For more info on the white hat and cabled socks go here.)

I can't take credit for the afghan in the background. My mom crocheted it. It's so soft and warm! I love it! My grandma made Gabe a sweet little blue sweater, hat, mitt, and sock set too, and my other grandma made him a quilt. I have a post in mind for those soon, so check back soon for pictures!

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