Thursday, February 07, 2008


Last week Thomas missed three days of school due to a nasty virus. Then on Friday I made sure he had everything he needed, got him and Gabe all bundled up and ready to go, and piled them both into the car. We drove all the way to school only to arrive at an empty parking lot. The weather was dry so I had assumed I didn't need to check for a possible delay or cancellation, but sure enough school had been canceled.

Today we were on top of the two hour delay. Brian checked as soon as he woke up. He then spent about fifteen to twenty minutes de-icing his car before leaving for work. I was able to miraculously get myself dressed, get Thomas' and my breakfast, his lunch, his backpack, and his clothes in the amazing ten or fifteen minute block of time before Gabe woke up from a brief nursing session. The two hour alternate driving time didn't bode well with Gabe however. He doesn't appreciate being put down unless he is happily awake, so putting him down long enough to run out and start my car was painful. (Seriously, he sounds so mad when he is put down. His lungs have certainly reached a higher potential since week one!) -I already really dread leaving him alone (well, without an adult) for even a few seconds - even though I'm only right outside the door and have him in a safe place inside for less than a minute at a time. Anyway, I did what I had to and got him and Tommy situated, ran down as fast as I could, opened the garage door, and reached for the door handle on my car, which was completely covered in ice. (Yes, we have a garage. No, I couldn't park inside... That's another story.) I was able to knock loose just enough ice in order to operate the door handle, but the door itself was as stuck as they come and I had no way to break through ice that thick just then, especially considering the fact that my scraper was, of course, inside the car. It was the same on the passenger side. So... since Brian couldn't leave work and I couldn't leave the house Thomas missed yet another day of school.

The result? Some time for Thomas to catch up on missed work from last week and a good chance for me to share a little time with both boys; Thomas is such a great big brother. I can't believe he hasn't yet complained about all the times I have asked him to try not to make any sudden noises or to make sure he doesn't get too close at least until he is all better. Gabe is such a blessing and we treasure him at every moment. The same goes for Thomas. He loves having Gabe in the car next to him and watching him look around while he's awake. He can't wait until Gabe can giggle and play. What amazes me most is that even when I start to lose my cool from the lack of sleep and sheer amount of noise and chaos that sometimes exists around me, Thomas is always understanding. When he wakes up and comes into our room in the morning the first thing he does is check on Gabriel.

As if that weren't enough Brian is so helpful and understanding as well.

I am so blessed.

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