Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ice Cream

Brian, to me, after already agreeing, in code, to get Tommy some ice cream:
Can I get you some too?

Gabe, jumping up and down and shouting with excitement:
I want some too! Give ME some!

Brian, as Gabe runs to the kitchen:
Do you even know what we're talking about?

Tommy, to Gabe:
What are we talking about? What do you want?

Uhmmm... Don't know.

But of course, yes he did want some.

As a side note, Brian wasn't feeling well, so I offered to pass the baby and serve the ice cream. As he was holding up his hands to take Logan, Logan spit up all over my arm (peas and breastmilk... yum). So. He changed his mind.

A few minutes later I took Logan in the kitchen, and we watched and helped as Tommy and Gabe received their respective bowls of Breyers mint chocolate chip goodness. Then Brian went to hand me a spoon, and I leaned in... Logan spit up directly on to Brian's foot.


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