Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Growing Up So Fast

I realized last night that Thomas is no longer required to use a car seat or booster in the state of New York. While we will continue using one anyway, until he grows a little taller (per the recommendations), I still can't believe we have actually reached this point.

On the way to baseball practice last night we talked about kids his age throwing harder now, and that hit me too. When did my baby get so... eight years old?

His latest book addiction is the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, but he's read each of the books several times (I even read one... to myself... from cover to cover), so I think it's time to find something new. Let me know if you have any ideas. The 39 Clues series looks interesting, but I don't know...

Thomas started baseball just last week, and his first game is coming up soon. We let him choose which sports he would like to be involved in, and he was so excited to finally play baseball this year. He will be a bit less experienced than his teammates, but I think he'll still enjoy himself. I can't wait to see him play in some games.

He will also be marching in the Memorial Day parade with his tae kwon do group. His next belt exam is coming up too; he'll be going for advanced orange.

So much excitement!

Gabe never ceases to amaze me either. We switched him into a twin bed not long after his birthday, and he seems much more comfortable.

He has also switched over to pull-ups and is slowly getting accustomed to the idea of potty training; we haven't pushed him yet, but he asks to go a couple of times each day, and once he really gets the idea I think he'll do great.

Gabe has been really excited about the beautiful weather and numerous trips to the park, especially for baseball practice. Last night he watched low-flying airplanes and jumped up and down, saying, "I can't get it!" or "I can't reach!" He was very sad, though, when Tommy went out on to the field with the other boys, and he had to stay behind. He is always so anxious to do everything that Tommy does and knows nothing of any age difference.

On that same note, he copies everything I do with Logan. He still calls Logan, "Baby Gan" most of the time. Yesterday I put Logan down to be changed, and when I went in the bathroom to wash my hands I heard Gabe saying, "You're a cutie pie! Yes you are! Yes, you are!"

He tries to comfort Logan in the car too. The last time Logan became fussy on our way home Gabe said to him, "Lo-gan... Lo-gan... It's okay Logan. It's okay!" in a really cute, high pitched voice.

Did you see this yet?

Logan is getting big. He weighed in at 13 pounds, 4 ounces at 4 1/2 months. Compared to other babies his age I know that is small, but I still think it's great! He has been having some issues with reflux, but I'm trying to get by without having to give him medicine. His doctor suggested we try starting solids, so I did attempt to feed him a little rice cereal. I don't think he was nor is ready though. He really doesn't seem interested at all, which is okay; I was hoping to wait a little longer anyway.

As far as his interests go, there are really just two big ones: watching Tommy and watching Gabe. He does play with his toys some; don't get me wrong, but he's usually far more interested in his brothers. He does love story time too, though. (He always joins me at Gabe's nap time.)

I did pull out the Jumperoo yesterday...

He didn't know to jump in it, but he did play with the toys a little. He was still a bit on the small side for it though, so he couldn't reach all of them.

As I write this he is laying on his mat, grabbing his star, and blowing raspberries. :) What a sweetie.

I'll say it again and again... I love my boys.


mj said...

I love your boys! I still cant get over how tall and big Thomas has gotten! You're doing a great job with them mama :)

SJ said...

Thank you! :D