Friday, February 27, 2009

Week One

Gabe and I had our first week home together, and we had fun! We kept VERY busy of course. We had...
Snack Time:

Bible Study:

Driving Lessons:

Cooking Class:

We caught up on the latest KnitPicks catalogue:

Then of course, we used our extra time with Tommy very wisely too.

For starters, we climbed all over him:

We even played DJ while Tommy danced around the living room:

Yep. It was a good week.

(I actually managed to plow through a surprising amount of work/coursework too! Woohoo!)


Becky said...

Oh, is he walking now? Boy they grow up so fast, don't they?

Lara said...

Thanks for your comment! Your boys are so incredibly cute!!
And yes, every month I find myself saying "No THIS is my favorite age!"

AJR said...

Thanks for your comments! I really love seeing your pictures and hearing what you're up to! Good luck with all that studying. Seriously, you are too far away, but I really do hope that once I finish all this craziness maybe I could come visit? Have a great day!