Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Very, very sick. I've been home the last two days with a high fever and headache. Yesterday I kept Gabe home with me (he had a low fever... ears), but today I was having trouble with my asthma, and he was fine, so I brought him to daycare, and I sure was glad I had when I woke up on the bathroom floor. Ugh. It seems to get really bad in waves, so for the moment I'm breathing ok and able to catch up on a little blogging.

I had to mention that Thomas seems to be liking school more and more. He's still a bit grumpy about school in general, which I presume to be because he probably feels like he's already been going to school forever, since I work full time, so he says he only likes lunch, gym, and recess. That being said, he did SO well last year, over all. He's really good at math (recall when I blogged previously about my concerns that the public school's first grade curriculum matched the private school's kindergarten curriculum, which Thomas had more or less mastered) and reads like a pro. (He now reads Berenstain Bear books without help - and not the easy reader ones.) He amazes me with the words he rattles off without trouble. ...We'll see how things progress.

Pretty soon I hope to have a picture of him in Tae Kwon Do action.

For now, here are a few photos of both Thomas and Gabe, taken over the course of the past week. (Click to enlarge.)

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