Saturday, September 13, 2008

Current Randomness

1 - Thomas has about ten "Fluffy phones" scattered about the apartment and a couple more in the van. Each one is pretty much the same as the next; it's a piece of printer paper folded in quarters, and there is a pencil/marker/crayon (whatever was available at any given time) picture of his stuffed (Webkinz) cat, Fluffy, on the the cover. He holds it up to his ear and talks to Fluffy on his handmade cell phone.

2 - He also has a few "computers." They are made from printer paper in a similar fashion, but they open up like a laptop, with a picture on the screen, and "AAA" on the back. (That would be the battery.)

3 - Gabe has a big booboo on his nose (that looks much worse than it really is, or so I think). See photos below.

4 - We looked at a house the other day. We didn't make an offer or anything, but we are officially looking again, and I'm a mix of excited, anxious, and stressed out beyond belief.

5 - Go Matt Cassel!

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AJR said...

Ack! I'm terrible about posting comments lately, but I'm checking your blog regularly too! How was your birthday? Hope you're feeling better! And these are some great great pictures! Work is about to kill me, but hopefully that beer we made with help me out :) It feels like you guys are so close and yet so far away! Can you believe it's been ten years since we got to Allegheny?!