Monday, June 23, 2008

Update on the Boys

Thomas is officially done with kindergarten. We celebrated with lunch at Friendly's after the graduation ceremony.

On the last regular day of school he came home with some of his assignments from the beginning of the year and his September journal. It was fun to look through them and see his progress.

His teacher also slipped an envelope in his bag with this:

Thomas couldn't believe it when he saw what was inside!

Next year his school will be very close to home, which is good, because he'll be able to spend that much more time with Gabe, who just love, love, loves Thomas to pieces.

Thomas came with us to Gabe's appointment with the cardiologist today. Gabe's heart looked good, so we are clear of that concern! Yay! I was concerned that they wanted to do an x-ray but allowed it. Let me just tell you that if you haven't ever seen a baby get an x-ray just hope you never have to! It was super quick, but they put him in the most horrible looking contraption... I had to put his legs down a little hole and hold his arms straight up in the air, and the technician tightened two rounded clear plastic pieces around him and then closed them shut around his back and head with straps so that he couldn't move one bit. It looked torturous! Poor baby! But it was over quick, and he did great. (He also had an EKG and an echocardiogram, but those were cake.)

My little sweetie pie... just look at him!

I love my boys!

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