Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Few Items of Note

Life is busy, busy, busy, and here are some of the reasons why:

1) Thomas graduates from Kindergarten tomorrow! Congrats Thomas! He will start an exciting summer day program in a couple of weeks through his current school.

We did enroll him in public school for the fall, so we'll see how that goes. Brian and I are concerned after looking at the first grade curriculum as it seems almost identical to what he already learned in kindergarten... We're still figuring that one out.

We also decided to sign him up for cub scouts. We haven't done it yet, but it's on our list.

2) Gabriel is growing quickly. He rolled over for the first time on the floor (recall my earlier post about him rolling over in the bed at 3 weeks, if I remember correctly - sorry, no time to find the link at the moment) about two weeks ago, on Saturday, June 7. He also found his toes a few weeks or a month or so ago and has recently figured out that he can put them in his mouth too.

His reflux issues are an ongoing saga. We're now on medicine # 3 with an endoscopy scheduled for next month that we're hoping we won't need. Of course we also have to see the pediatric cardiologist now, for something completely unrelated... which, without going into detail, his doctor does not suspect to be problematic but requires some tests just to be sure.

All that aside he is doing well. He's very active and jumpy and fidgety, and he already keeps us on our toes. I can hardly imagine what he'll be like in a few months.

3) Our van sustained $4500+ in hail damage from last week's evening storm. We put in our claim last Friday and now just have to figure out when to schedule the repairs.

On a positive note, my car was fine. Oddly enough the storm hit work hard, and even though we only live about five or ten minutes away, it didn't even rain at home. Of course, we would rather have had my 2000 Honda Civic take the hail than our 2007 Chrysler Town & Country, but then we didn't have much say in the matter.

4) Finally, to really show you just why I don't find much time to post these days, here was my day today:

After several hours of some bizarre sleep-wake-flip-turn cycle Gabe and I have had going on lately (which hasn't resulted in much sleep for Yours Truly), Gabe woke me up at about 5:30. I smiled at him and played for a few minutes before changing him, at which point I went into the kitchen to start my morning routine of making a pitcher of formula for day care, getting all Gabe's bottles and my pump pieces together and making my lunch (which was pretty lazy today as I ended up just throwing a pint of strawberries and a yogurt in a bag with a cold pack... ), etc. I then prepared and administered Gabe's medicine and again left him with Brian so that I could squeeze in a shower. When done I gave Thomas his clothes and dressed Gabe, made Thomas' breakfast, then nursed Gabe a little. Then it was back and forth between the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and both bedrooms again and again in my typical morning fury until everything and everyone was almost ready to go, at which point I grabbed coolers for Gabe's bag and my pumping bag and put all the bags together just in time to head out the door at about 7:30 or 7:35. I buckled Gabe in his car seat, spent a few minutes wondering wherever in the world his favorite purple monkey had disappeared off to, and then followed my necessary ritual of throwing my pump bag on my right shoulder first (it's fairly heavy), grabbing his giganto blue day care bag and slinging it, my purse, and my lunch onto my arm, and somehow still managing to pick up Gabe in his car seat ever so carefully. I gave Brian a quick goodbye and Thomas another slightly less quick goodbye and headed out the door, hobbling down the steps oh so carefully with my precious load. (Thankfully the door was already open today and Brian and Thomas were still there, so Thomas was able to close the door behind me... this time.) Once settled in the car I waved to Thomas and took Gabe on the short five minute drive past farms and fields to day care. I talked to him, he grunted to me, and he started to fall asleep, only to wake up as soon as I opened the door again. Around the day care house to the back and in to meet with his teacher for a few minutes, and I was off again, this time to work. I was running late but feeling super weak, dizzy, and sleep-deprived, so I broke my dieting rules for one morning and decided to do whatever it took to make it to Dunkin's for a blueberry muffin and a decaf. Through the drive-thru I went, knowing I was going to be late to work and watching the clock the entire time. Less than five minutes to work and I was parking, gathering my load of three bags now, and trekking my way across the parking lot, past the coffee guy and security guard, up the stairs, and down the hall to my desk. After a prompt apology to my coworker for running late (not common for me), I rushed to get everything loaded up and start answering calls. Work was a buzz and fury of work to pull and calls to answer, but at 9:30 I had a training class and appreciated my first true break of the day while I listened to a scripted presentation and sipped my now cold decaf. 50 minutes later it was over, and I headed back to my desk to grab my pump bag and head to the little conference room with paper taped up over the little door window for privacy and a hand-written "do not disturb" sign outside. I pushed a chair up under the door handle, assembled the pump, and sat quietly for my motherly duty for about 10 minutes, then packed it all up again and went back to my desk, at which point phones and work did not slow down. More pumping and lunch at 1:00 (the strawberries were soft and starting to go bad, so most of them were wasted), more work, more pumping a while later, and some frantic discussion over what could or could not be accomplished before the end of the day, and finally my workday was through by 4:30. Very sleepy by that point, I made the trek back outside but took the van this time, around the circle and back to Gabe's daycare, telling myself repeatedly to stay alert while driving, as my eyes wanting nothing but sleep. (Don't worry, I was safe... just extra exhausted today.) A quick chat with Gabe's teacher, and we were back on the road to Tommy's school. After bringing Gabe in and stopping to write a check, and then piling Thomas and all of his stuff in the car (you wouldn't believe what types of things he brings home some times), we were on our way home. We barely beat Brian at about 5:25 or 5:30, so we waited about 30 seconds for him to come and help us carry everything in. Once inside I took Gabe straight to our bed and lay down with him. I was beat, but he was wide awake. Brian put all the bottles, pump things, and fresh milk away and loaded up the BBQ with chicken while I fed and changed Gabe and watched over the boys. Dinner was an adventure because Gabe didn't want to be put down but also didn't want to hold still (as usual - he prefers to be held upright so that he can stand). He kept lunging toward my plate and opening his mouth wide like a bird, so I finished as quickly as I could and made him some rice cereal. We made a great big mess and then headed for a bath, an attempted baby massage with lotion (it certainly did not calm him down) and a story, but he was too impatient for the story tonight so I let him nurse to sleep. He fell asleep on the bed though, so I couldn't leave him there, but I didn't want to move him either. Brian needed a rest too, so he went in with him while I gave Thomas a bath. Once Thomas' hair was washed and he was ready for play I went to work picking up toys, laundry, and everything else I could find in his room, also finding myself running into the living room and kitchen from time to time, and always grabbing something different to put (or throw) away. I heard Gabe waking up just after Thomas' room was starting to look half-decent, so I helped Thomas out of his bath, combed his hair, and went back in with Gabe. Thomas brought in a story which we took turns reading, and then he, thankfully being somewhat independent at his age, brushed his teeth and got ready for bed. A kiss goodnight and some music to sleep by, and I was back in with Gabe and Brian by about 8:15. Brian had to do some money stuff, so I grabbed a clean basket of laundry (Gabe now back asleep again but on the bed - one of the only ways he will stay down, so I don't do it often) and brought it into our bedroom to fold and put away. Then I sorted through a week's pile of papers from school, and now here I am, this time with Gabe nursing as I type, wondering where on earth the time went. (Holy cow, is it really 10:00??? ...And yes, I have become quite skilled at one-handed typing.)

So I realize many of you have even crazier days than I (ahem, Sisters and Brother of mine), but this is somewhat of a typical day for me, and you know what? I'm beat. So it's goodnight for now, and I owe you a chocolate bar if you're still reading along, tolerating all of my mindless rambling.

One more thing before I go: please don't mistake my detailed account of today for a rant. Truth be told, I would never trade a moment. I know I have been blessed, and that is something I'll never forget. After all, one look into my children's eyes or a loving hug from my husband is all it takes to remind me.

Sweet dreams.

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