Sunday, June 01, 2008

Feeding Fun

Gabe's keeping us very busy, and he's getting to be more and more fun as he gets older. On Monday (Memorial Day) we dug out our big Rubbermaid box full of baby toys and had fun remembering all of Tommy's favorites. Tommy wanted to show Gabe about ten toys at once, so it was a bit overwhelming at first, but all in all, Gabe should be entertained for a while now.

We also cleaned his bouncer and installed batteries this weekend, which was fun. I kept pushing the vibrate button so that it would stop and start again, and Gabe thought that was pretty cool. So cute.

He saw the doctor on Friday, who was pleased with his weight as it is following the curve (even if it is only at the 3rd percentile). He thought it was a good time to start spoon feeding him rice cereal (since he's been taking four to five tablespoons via the bottle once a day anyway, to help him gain weight due to the reflux), so we opened up the new high chair and set him in that too. He didn't seem to know what to think of it when he sat in it for the first time, but I think he still thought it was pretty cool. He liked it when I pulled up the plastic tray and let him play with it.

He did great with his first feeding too. At first he got mad when I took the spoon away (as if I was taking the bottle away), but by the tenth bite or less he had it down. He ate three tablespoons mixed with formula, and then I had to make him another. One thing is for sure; he knows how to eat. He may spit it all up after, but his weight issues are certainly not a reflection of his appetite!

I love my little guy!

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AJR said...

Hey! Thanks for the message! These hockey games are too stressful for me. I can barely watch! Gabe looks a very grown up in these pictures :) I'll post some more house pictures in the next day or two.