Thursday, December 20, 2007

December Snow

On our way to Thomas' school today I marveled at the snow. We drove past rolling farms and their endless fields of untouched white, a picturesque old red barn in stark contrast with the blanket of soft flakes on its roof, and forests wrapped in so much fluff they looked as if they were almost swept up into the morning sky.

The view down Main Street was a festive display of snow-covered steeples, evergreen wreaths atop lampposts now decorated with icing on each bough, and gently falling snowflakes all around. It was like opening up the page to a storybook from my childhood.

Rays of light started to spear through the clouds as I made my way back home. The farther I traveled, the more there were. They brought a breathtaking sense of fresh winter beauty to the sparkling branches I passed.

One of these days I will capture the true essence of what I saw today and share it with you here. Then again, I don't think any photograph could ever live up to the images I keep in my mind.

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