Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I still have a long way to go. I wanted something simple but would have preferred to use some different/more types/patterns of fabric. It looks very cold and checker-board like to me now, so I hope, with what I have in mind for the border and for some quilting details, that I can fix that. That's what happens when I don't plan ahead and just use what I have on hand. I'm still new at this sewing stuff, so I don't have much at home. I have also never tried the actual quilting part of making a quilt, so while I had some better ideas for the use of these colors, they involved some intricate work that I was not prepared to attempt. I'll post a completed photo when the time comes.

Have a great night.

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Jessica said...

This is beautiful! This really inspires me to have a go, I probably told you I've always wanted to learn quilt. I'd love to make a huge Amish-style quilt for my daughter as a wedding present, (or a first-home present, if she doesn't!)She's only 12. so I have a few years to give it a try!

I actually like the colours together...is it a flower print? I think it's really pretty.

I'm sorry about the house. We went through this a while ago, we put an offer in for a house we desperately wanted but got outbid. Then another house we went for failed the inspection...it was so disheartening at the time.

It will happen though....the right house will come along and it will all fall into place for you. I'm a great believer that eventually things do come right!

Nice to be back and reading you again:)